why hire a consultant?

First of all, our initial consultation is FREE, it’s worth your time to at least call us and see what we can offer.

Consulting services are not inexpensive. There is, however, a solid business case for hiring consultants: you are guaranteed that the job will be done properly the first time. That is what you are paying for. An enormous amount of time and money is often wasted as businesses use unqualified employees, or even friends and family, to build important information systems.

It is very difficult to find people who have the right mix of interpersonal communications, technological knowledge, solid experience, and analytical ability. At Claero Systems, that is what you are getting.

Our primary service to all customers is consulting. In all the work that we do, we consider your specific business requirements, your return on investment, and the risks involved.

We believe strongly in developing long term relationships with our customers. Once we understand your environment, we can provide cost-effective support and maintenance for all of your computer technology needs.

how are you doing?

Your business can benefit from technology, does it?

Do you use the Internet to improve marketing and communications with your customers, partners, and employees?

How many repetitive and time consuming activities still exist within your company’s work flow?

How do new technologies and concepts like open-source software, wireless, Java, and XML affect your business?

You don’t need to understand all of these technologies because we can help you to become aware of what solutions are available, stable, and relevant to your specific business.

how can we help?

Claero Systems believes that the role of our consultants is to bridge the gap between your business and technology. We enjoy learning and using the latest hardware, software, and networking.

In order for us to recommend technology solutions to your company, we need to understand your business, your market, and not only current technology trends – but future ones as well.

It is not likely that you or your staff can afford to invest the time and work that it takes to stay current within the ever-changing world of technology.

Claero Systems is founded on a solid base of knowledge and experience within the computer industry. Our senior consultants have many years of experience working in a wide range of industries including energy, retail, hospitality, telecommunications, and engineering.

Our consultants can help you:

Web site development

Time and again web developers ignore the basic principles of user interface design. Not only are many sites difficult to use, but the information contained in them is stale, irrelevant, or hard to find.

Claero Systems employs those rare people who have both creative, analytical, and technical talents. This is a necessity for efficient and successful web development.

The first step in creating a web page is to develop a strategy for your Internet presence. It is important that you understand what is involved in maintaining a site, and how it can benefit your business.

Our designers enjoy the challenge of creating sites for the Internet with presence and impact. Equally of importance is the development of clear, no-frills, easy-to-use web sites for internal or private use. We can help you achieve your vision.

We can provide dynamic content for your sites and develop the connectivity to leverage your existing databases of information. We can add rich multimedia content for high impact sites or presentation marketing materials

Designing and building a web site is only the first step in successfully leveraging the Internet for your business; dynamic and up-to-date content can be more important than the design itself. Claero Systems can help to keep your site fresh and up-to-date.

Many businesses underestimate the effort required to maintain a website after it has been developed, let us help you to ease this burden.

We can provide expert advice on registering your domain, managing search engine registrations, and choosing the right hosting solution for your requirements.

Electronic commerce is one of the world’s fastest growing industries today; let us help you understand the possibilities and what benefits exist for your business through the use of B2C (business to customer), B2B (business to business), and B2E (business to employee) applications.

Most people are surprised when they begin to understand the possibilities of leveraging web infrastructure for internal applications – let us help you save money and provide better service to your employees at the same time!

Software development

All of the software that we create is web-based. Our extensive experience can help you determine the best way to leverage a custom software application to increase your profit; whether by increasing sales or by decreasing costs.

Sometimes the intangible benefits are worth even more than the concrete effect of implementing your own software solution. More customers are beginning to know and love the convenience of 24×7 self serve access to their services via the web. Employees are slowly discovering the same advantages with internal systems like: knowledge sharing, time and expense tracking,and other work flow applications.

Types of Software

Our diverse portfolio of software development projects include creating the following applications:


Some of the functionality that we have implemented in creating our applications is: