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Claero Systems built the initial version of FIRE (Field Invoice and Reporting Engine) which has subsequently been sold to Claero Solutions.

FIRE qualified for SR&ED tax credits because it was cutting-edge technology that overcame the critical problem that the oil field services companies were facing: onsite locations had little or no Internet but they still wanted to create field tickets and invoice clients at the job site.

Claero built a standard web application to manage the price list, quotes and field ticket generation and they also built a stand-alone PHP / GTK application that ran on Windows and provided offline functionality for field personnel.  This offline version (called FIRE Unplugged) synchronized price list and ticket data to the online portal.  It allowed field engineers to modify, get approval, and print  field tickets on site.  As soon as they were on the Internet again, they could synchronize back again with the portal.

Since 2005, FIRE is now owned, managed, developed, and sold by Claero Solutions.

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